The Dirty Little Breathalyzer Secret


The Dirty Little Secret Breathalyzer Companies Don't Want You To Know...

Every breathalyzer requires annual (or more frequent) calibration to remain accurate. That usually means packing it up and shipping it back to the factory while you wait to get it back. 

Finally, the time-consuming aggravation and cost of FACTORY CALIBRATION HAS BEEN ELIMINATED FOREVER! Watch the video to find out how!


An Alcohol Breathalyzer With A PRISM Sensor Saves Time, Money and Aggravation Every Year!

If you just watched the video above you can see that AlcoMate's patented PRISM Technology has revolutionized the breathalyzer market. Most people just can't afford to be without their alcohol testing device for weeks on end year after year. Now, that time-consuming, aggravating and costly task has been completely eliminated with the AlcoMate REVO, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige. When it's time to re-calibrate your alcohol breathalyzer, just swap out the old PRISM sensor module with a brand new one and you're back to perfect, factory-new calibration. 

No other breathalyzer manufacturer has this amazing technology. They all require periodic factory or professional calibration service to maintain accuracy.  If you want the advantages of PRISM technology: the total convenience of user-changeable sensor modules, consistent accuracy, and never having to be without your breathalyzer, then order an AlcoMate PRISM breathalyzer today!

AlcoMate Breathalyzers With PRISM Sensor Technology