Breathalyzers For Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers



When it comes to choosing a breathalyzer for screening patients at drug and alcohol treatment centers, the AlcoMate REVO TS200 has become the breathalyzer of choice. Here is why:


For testing in a clinical environment the AlcoMate REVO delivers huge benefits: 

1. you'll never have to send your breathalyzer back to the manufacturer for annual calibration. Just replace the sensor module with a new one and you're instantly back to factory-new calibration. All other breathalyzer manufacturers require professional calibration service at least once a year.

2. consistent, law enforcement-grade accuracy

3. fast breathalyzer resets for easy multi-patient testing without delays

4. its economical - changing out the sensor takes about a minute avoiding the time-consuming task of shipping your breathalyzer back to a service center. The REVO sensor will deliver 1,000 BAC tests before needing replacement. The mouthpieces for all AlcoMate breathalyzers generally cost up to 40% less than those of other manufacturers.  

5. no false positives due to ketones in the breath sample (diabetes). 

The AlcoMate REVO is now being used in many treatment centers including some of the worlds most renowned drug and alcohol clinics. No other breathalyzer offers the convenience of PRISM sensor technology which allows the user to swap out the breathalyzer sensor to put it back to factory new calibration.  This ensures total accuracy without ever having to be without your alcohol breath tester.